Tea Plantation
ACIL is one of the leading producers of the most exquisite, high quality, premium teas. The company operates 14 state-of-the-art factories, 14 tea estates and gardens spread over 14,000 hectares. It employs over 32,000 people with well laid-out infrastructure, duly supported by planned social welfare activities. The company manufactures around 15 mn kg. of tea and being a bulk manufacturer, 95% of the operations are done through B2B route. The remaining 5% of the business is transacted in small high value niche product segment. The business totally is committed to high quality,
with useful quantity in both export and the domestic segments wherein 90% of the B2B process is directly placed to people who are in the retail chains. The entire niche business conducted by the company is attributed to direct retail services.

In the manufacturing process, an average of 600 hectare of tea encompasses a single high quality production factory. The company has 14 tea estates, which are backed up by 14 state of the art factories. The book value of the Tea estates amounts to Rs.2130 mn and the current market value is Rs.3210 mn.

Landmarks of ACL in Tea Industry

  • First tea company in the world (estd. 1839) set up by a deed of the British Parliament
  • First company to be awarded the Royal Charter by Queen Victoria in 1845
  • First company in the world to establish tea gardens
  • First company to brand premium blends
  • First company to export tea
  • First company to create `Tea Seeds Gardens'
  • First to have an Organic Tea Estate - Rembeng in Assam. Now the company has 69 Tea plantation units in North East India
  • First to transact electronic tea sales (U.K.)

Our Tea Gardens

Digulturrung Tea estate
Located in the famous tea district of Doom Dooma, Digulturrung means 'the long tunnel' .The bright Digulturrung teas are known for their remarkably even quality, which makes them a blender's eternal favourite.
It produces an above average
standard of tea, particularly through OAKLAND mark. Bearing area 600.43 hectares. Land utilization is 79.98%, a most satisfactory and efficient situation.
Dinjan Tea Estate
Popular for its high percentage of clonal teas, Dinjan means 'the spiritual river'. The distinctive Dinjan leaf gives a bright orange cup, with excellent 'keeping' qualities. Located in Panitola Circle near Dinjan
Airforce base and Army
Cantonment. One of the highest yielder in the Company. Well-equipped factory maintains good standard of quality in Orthodox as CTC production. Bearing area 443.16 hectares. Land utilization is 71.4%, a good ratio of land use.
Rungagora Tea Estate
In Assamese, RUNGAGORA is the word for 'the coloured garrison'. This fully matured garden is known for its attractive leaf appearance, and a golden liquor of unfailingly consistent make and density. Located north of Tinsukia,
in Panitola Circle. Produces 100% CTC Teas. Bearing area 492.97 hectares. Land utilization is
72.87%, a good ratio of land use.
Nudwa Tea Estate
In Assamese , the word 'Nudwa' refers to a person distinguished for his good health . The shiny Nudwa teas are invaluable to blenders because of their
characteristic balance between briskness and mellowness. Small estate located
along national highway # 37, close to Chabua airport. Produces above average quality. Bearing area 251.00 hectares. Land utilization is 60.15%.
Thanai Tea Estate
Named after the old man of Thanoi, this mature garden has been responsible for many great blends . The unique Thanai liquor embodies the traditional Assam tea goodness briskness , bouquet,
maltishness, and a beautiful golden colour. Located in Dibrugarh Circle. Compact estate with some good clonal quality.
Well-equipped factory maintains good standard of quality in Orthodox as CTC Production. Bearing area 519.99 hectares land. Land utilization is 62.38%.
Hazelbank Tea Estate
This small , picturesque garden produces some of the world's most premium CTC teas. It is named after Hazel, the daughter of the famous Civil Servant, Dr. Mead. The abundance , size , and colour of its tip makes Hazelbank
an all time favourite
of tea buyers. A small compact estate located 6 kms. hinter of National Highway # 37. Produces above average quality. The harvest is 69% from high quality clonal plants. Bearing 285.37 hectares. Land utilization is 76.77%, a good ratio.
Maijan Tea Estate
Sprawled along the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra , Maijan is known for its chunky, tips and creamy liquors . The Maijan leaf possesses an unusual sheen, a feature typical of the Betjan 'Jat' teas. Located on the banks of the
river Brahmaputra. Bearing 485.81 hectares. Land utilization is 49.44%.
Produces medium to above average quality. The factory is amongst the most modern on the Company and attractive prices are expected.
Greenwood Tea Estate
This charming garden takes its name from the scenic beauty of the area. Its premium teas represent the top segments among both the orthodox and CTC teas, and are know for their 'depth', both in colour as well as in strength.
A well found
estate located near the Mohanbari airport. A well established mark produces above average quality. Bearing 524.65 hectares. Land utilization is 61.24% up to 75 ha. should become available for future extension planting.
Khoomtaie Tea Estate
A prime garden in the Moran zone of Assam , Khoomtaie produces some of the best teas in the business. The Khoomtaie teas take their characteristic briskness from a high percentage prime clones, which make the garden so special.
An original Assam
Company estate, has the unique distinction of cultivating and marketing its produce under separate identities - 'Khomtaie' and 'Hajua'. Located in the Moran district, the major proportion of the production is sold as Hajua clonal tea. Land 812.29 hectares. Land utilization is 58.06 %.
Borborooah Tea Estate
Borborooah, "the seat of the big chief in the local language, is our small garden with a big heart . Its strong , gutty liquors have strengthened" many world -famous blends , and won many hearts. A small property located near Dibrugarh town, straddling the
Highway 37. A tidy neat estate National Highway 37. A tidy neat estate making significant progress. Bearing 266.70 hectares. Land utilization is 67.71 %. Produces medium to above average quality.
Doomur Dullung Tea Estate
Doomur Dullung, a lovely garden located in Eastern Assam, is where the 'Champagne of Assam Teas' is produced. This highly acclaimed liquor is known
for its unmatched flavour and taste. In the local language,
Doomur Dullung means the fisherman's bridge. An original Assam Company estate and the Jewel in the Crown. Located in the Moran district, produces super quality teas - acclaimed around the world. Record prices achieve at all auctions in 1996. Bearing 601.28 hectares. Land utilization is 58%.
Kondoli Tea Estate
Nestling against the backdrop of lush green hills, Kondoli takes its name from the highly respected preacher, Ananta Kondoli. The Kondoli teas are known for their unfailing leaf quality , and an equally consistent liquor.
Located in Nagaon District,
close to Karbi Hills, the estate is a drought prone property. The estate is spread over in 4 divisions - the furthest nearly 10 kms. away from the factory. Bearing 587.02 hectares. Land utilization is 54.52%, of which the mature tea is 47.39% over 50 years of age.
Kotalgoorie Tea Estate
Kotalgoorie, which means 'the area of the jackfruit trees' , is also the area of the mighty elephants . Located close to Nazira , the place where The Assam Company
was born, Kotalgoorie is acclaimed for its gutty liquors with a punch,
which are a product of the Tocklai clones. Located near Mariani town in Jorhat district, it suffers from sandy soil and effects of drought resulting in low yields. Bearing 472.64 hectares. Land utilization is 73.94%.
Mohokutie tea Estate
Located in Eastern Assam , Mohokutie means 'the buffalo's camp'. This garden is famous for its high percentage of clonal teas, a result of constant, innovative replanting. An original Assam Company estate. Located in the
Moran district, it
produces spectacular teas - both for exports and for internal markets. Bearing 333.59 hectares. Land utilization is 61.87%.
Oaklands Tea Estate
Perhaps, the only tea garden in the world which can boast of a Raspberry Jam Flavour. Oakland has the distinction of producing 100% clonal teas which give a premium golden cup.
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