Social Responsibility


The Assam Company besides providing the statutory benefit of Provident Fund, Gratuity, Bonus etc, provides the following : -

  • Pacca Quarter per family with electricity and water supply.
  • Free medical facilities to all workers including medicines.
  • Firewood for the purpose of cooking.
  • Monthly ration of Tea
  • Protective clothing such as plucking apron, chappals, masks etc.
  • Crèches for the workers children located at convenient points on the estate where the children are cared for and provided milk and rice whilst there mother are busy at work.
  • Food grains are provided to families at heavily subsidized rate.

The facilities of clubs for both workers and staff have been made available with of certain sports such as Badminton, carom etc. and Television sets for entertainment.

Each estate has a number of Primary School depending on the population of the estate and basic education is provided with.


Mothers Club –

It’s a group of women only, 1 per 500 population in number was introduced in the year 1999 to promote “Women Empowerment” in Tea Garden. Since major portion of responsibilities towards organizing the house is shared by the woman in the house, women empowerment would lead to community growth in the long run – was the idea of this Club. It gives stress on schooling, hygiene, better health care, savings, reduce alcohol, ill effect of early marriage etc. Each garden has a Mother’s Club consisting of 15-20 volunteers depending on the size and population of the garden.

Handicraft Centre -

To impose the hidden skills and generate self-employment, Handicraft Centre was introduced few years back in the Estate. All possible type of training is given in the Centre.

School -

Each tea garden has sufficient schools to provide primary education to all the children of the Estate. School buses are provided to the children for further education at the nearby town.

Health Awareness Camp -

It’s a regular activities in the lines, clubs, hospital and school. School children health checkup is also done on regular basis. World TB day, World Diabetic day are observed in the Estate every year.

Antihelmithic treatment –

Antihelmithic treatment and iron folic acid tablets are provided to the workers on the half yearly basis.

The Estates have adequate welfare and recreational facilities like Creche, Labour club, staff club etc. these clubs are provided with television and various game items. The Estates have their own sporting sites for football, cricket, volleyball etc. The Tea garden also organizes inter garden football matches. Canteens are available in the factory premises where tea and snacks are available for the employees.

Drinking water facilities are available at the lines and worksites. Employees are given protective clothing like chapples, apron, umbrellas, shoes, blankets etc.

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