Social Responsibility


The Assam Company besides providing the statutory benefit of Provident Fund, Gratuity, Bonus etc, provides the following : -

  • Pacca Quarter per family with electricity and water supply.
  • Free medical facilities to all workers including medicines.
  • Firewood for the purpose of cooking.
  • Monthly ration of Tea
  • Protective clothing such as plucking apron, chappals, masks etc.
  • Crèches for the workers children located at convenient points on the estate where the children are cared for and provided milk and rice whilst there mother are busy at work.
  • Food grains are provided to families at heavily subsidized rate.

The facilities of clubs for both workers and staff have been made available with of certain sports such as Badminton, carom etc. and Television sets for entertainment.

Each estate has a number of Primary School depending on the population of the estate and basic education is provided with.


Thare Machi – The Starfish Initiative -

THE Star Fish Initiative was conceptualized to bring awareness to women and girls as young as 8years. These utilize the latest communication technology by providing lessons on computers and television sets and DVD players. It is fundamentally a classroom inside a mobile container which basically aims at educating women and girls. Our Group Chairman Dr.K.K.Jajodia is a patron of “Thare Machi – The Star Fish Initiative”. The Container has been stationed at our estates in Dibrugarh district.

Mothers Club –

Mothers Club have been formed on each estates where a group of women are selected to form the “Mothers Club”. These women take the initiative of promoting hygiene and better living condition in the workers colonies.

Mobile Clinics -

Mobile Clinics have been provided by the Company which give basic medical facility to neighboring villages where the estate Medical Officers hold camps, treat patients and distribute free medicines.

School Bus Facility -

Each estate is provided with school bus for conveying children to nearby towns to enables them to pursue further studies in school and colleges.

Football & Cricket Tournament -

The Company organize inter estate Football and Cricket tournaments for workers and staffs.

Employment –

Over 54% of employees of estate are women.
While being engaged in commercial activities, ACL did not forget their obligation for community development and boost up the socio-economic progression of North East India in general and Assam state in particular. In terms of the social responsibilities, ACl has initiated following activities and is in continuous process of exploring opportunities to uplift social standard of the people living in North East India and protecting the environment and the wild life.
  • Contributing to the Economic Growth of North East India.
  • Generating employment, revenue & new opportunities of employment.
  • Be cause of direct & indirect growth to the ancillary Industries, Transport etc.
  • Inviting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), collaborating with overseas operators for economic growth.
  • Bring in more competitiveness
  • Improving upon quality of Tea production and exploring the discovered Oil fields.
  • Encouraging downstream industries for gas consumption and many more industrial growth.
The Rhino Foundation
The Group is also taking keen interest in the field of wild life, environment & nature, preservation of rhinos in the State of Assam India Dr. K K Jajodia is the Chairman of 'The Rhino Foundation'.
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