From Tea & Road Transportation to Oil & Natural Gas
Assam Company is a member of the U.K. based Duncan Macneill Group. From being the first Tea and Road Transportation in North East India, the company has diversified into the oil and gas field. The company plans to merge its subsidiary Namburnadi Tea Company (NTCL) with the parent company and demerge its oil and gas division as a step to focus on its strategic business units.
The resources like Coal, Timber, Jute and Tea were the main items of trade for the development of the North-East through the North-East to the Hinterland of India. Assam Company originally established its business in Assam, took a Board decision to consolidate its operations in Assam. With the Government of India's liberalization policy in the year 1991 - 1992, Assam Company has diversified into the Oil & Natural Gas Sector. Assam Company has demerged the Oil & Natural Gas Division and is operating under the name and style of Assam Oil & Natural Gas Limited.
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