The Company
Assam Company India Limited is a group company comprising of professional companies engaged in multifaceted activities like Tea plantation, Oil & Gas exploration, production & supply, Road Transportation etc., and a heritage company since 1839.

Assam Railway Trading Company and River Steam & Navigating Company, one of the group companies of ACL, is the key initiator for development of North East. Assam Railway Trading Company laid first railway track through the heartland of Assam.

Assam Railway Trading Company had infrastructure from Lower Assam to Upper Assam by which all the resources grown and available in Assam, were transported by the Railway to Pandu and thereafter by the water ways (River Steam & Navigating

Company) for onwards shipment overseas.Oil & Gas Limited, another group company of ACL, is into exploration, production and supply of oil and natural gas in several parts of north east India where the oldest well exists at Digboi.The company is in oil exploration and supply in Australia. The Company is in negotiation with Libya for undertaking Oil & Gas exploration concessions. The company is looking for further exploration in the countries like Sudan, Myanmar , Kazakistan and some other central Asian provinces for its global forays in the oil & exploration business.
Assam Company is one of fewest heritage companies in India serving to the development of industries over 165 year. It is the first tea plantation company in India started its tea garden in North East India in 1839. Assam Company is the first company to explore oil in Assam in the year 1889. It is indeed a story that the engineers supervising the wood felling and carrying through elephants, found mark of oil on the feet of the elephants. They reached the spot and asked the laborers to dig saying "Dig Boy, Dig". In fact, this was phenomenally known as Digboi, the oldest Well of the country located in Upper Assam. Assam Company is the only non-government company that has been exploring oil in north east India and desires to expand its exploration in the basin of Bay of Bengal.
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