Camellia Tea Bar Camellia Tea Bar Presentation
Camellia Tea Bar is an experience - a concept and venture of Assam Company limited, which is the Oldest Tea Company in the World, established in 1839. We launched our first Camellia Tea Bar, at ‘The Saturday Club’ in Calcutta almost four years back and the acknowledgements from our patrons have been overwhelming, encouraging & buoyant.

Camellia Tea Bar is successfully running its outlets in Saturday Club, Calcutta Swimming Club, Samilton Hotel, and Star Theatre. Camellia Tea Bar participated in the prestigious Annual Flower Show of Agri Horticultural Society, Kolkata where the visitor enjoyed the experience and had opportunity to relish the exquisite teas available. The unique exquisite tea based recipes exclusively created with the rich heritage of our tea business breaks conventions of Tea Bars excitingly for the category providing more choice to our patrons.

Camellia in AHSI Annual Flower Show 2009

Camellia Cha Bar at R.C.T.C

The Camellia Tea Bars have proven that tea is exciting, youthful, trendy and healthy. The Camellia Tea Bar menu has at least 30 unique and exclusive tea flavours catering to the palate to provide the diverse tastes, times and moods. It is a one-stop-shop for tea at its best and the ambience also provides a unique experience. It is contemporary, yet has its strong "roots" in tea just like the Assam Company limited with a heritage since 1839.

Our Experience

  • We serve many exquisite flavours of tea in a trendy and unique ambience.
  • We cater to the need of our patrons to experience an ambience and flavor in a Tea Bar with unique exclusive manner.

Our Objective

  • Create a great cup of tea to a discerning tea drinker
  • Create awareness of tea as a natural and healthy beverage
  • Roll out to premium hotels, supermarkets, gyms and other clubs
  • Facilitate entry into the gift market segment through a varied selection
  •  Establish a niche yet common market.

Camellia Cha Bar at Saturday Club

Camellia Cha Bar at Samilton Hotel
Tea deserves the same respect that wine is afforded. The similarities are many with histories and antiquities intermingled and developed with heritage and culture. Both are judged by the body, texture and age. However, tea has an added advantage of providing inherent health benefits. The greater delight of ours is the location and ambience provided with tea novices, students and people of all cultures and income groups sharing a social leveler is truly amazing.
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